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JAC Pet Nutrition is a family company born out of a love for dogs and belief in treating them like part of the family. My wife, Patty and I have always been pet lovers since a young age. We both grew up with dogs that were just as much a part of the family as our siblings.  After we got married, getting a dog was on the top of our priority list.  Ever since that day, dogs have been an important part of our lives and are loved and treated as one of the family. 


Over the years, our family continued to grow as we added our three children, Christopher, Alycia and Jessica. We decided we needed a new puppy for the kids. We picked out a cute little fur ball and the kids couldn’t wait to pick out the perfect name for her.  Patty came up with the idea to use the first initial of each kid to create the name since it was all of their dog. So JACi (it was a girl dog) became our first family puppy's name.  She was so loved for so many years and grew up with our kids as one of the crew. 


We have had multiple dogs over the years and we do our best to take care of them, including giving them proper nutrition to keep them healthy. Our passion for pet nutrition grew from a personal experience with our daughter's dog, Nikki. She was a 10 year old Shih Tzu, who had trouble walking with terrible back and joint pain. Our vet was no help and had no answers to address the pain and lack of mobility.  At this point, I had been in the pet industry for years and had seen the benefits of feeding a high quality diet with whole food ingredients. I knew that better nutrition from quality ingredients could help her feel better.  After a few weeks, the results were amazing. Nikki was running and playing like she was five years old again. After seeing that, I have been obsessed with pet nutrition. I studied pet nutrition and learned from some of the best food scientists and nutrition experts in the industry. I learned the different benefits of specific ingredients and how they can work together to benefit the whole health of dogs. I have worked for some good companies that were focused on nutrition, however, these companies failed to bring new innovation to pet nutrition. Therefore, I have taken what I learned and started a new nutrition and innovation focused company. 


Because family is everything to us, we thought it was appropriate to name our company after our three kids and our first puppy. JAC Pet Nutrition was born out of love for our family and our pets. Our passions for innovative and nutritionally appropriate pet food and treats drives our company. We want to welcome you and your dog to be a part of the family and help you treat your dog as the member of the family it is.  Your dog deserves the best nutrition to keep him or her healthy and happy for a long time. Hopefully, we can help! 

Charlie Bachkora

CPS - Chief Pooper Scooper

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